Want to fight? Wait your turn!

Battles in the Superstar Saga story are turn based, but you can also counter, dodge, or deal damage through action commands. Special attacks known as Bros. Attacks can be used in battle do deal serious damage.

Basic Attacks

There are a few basic actions Mario and Luigi can use during battle. They can Jump on enemies to deal damage; they can hit enemies (but not flying enemies) with a Hammer; or they can bust out their Hand Attacks (Firebrand for Mario and Thunderhand for Luigi!).

See Jump, Hammer, and Hand attacks in action!

Don't Forget

Press the A or B Button at the right time to deal extra damage.

Bros. Attacks

Dish out double the trouble with Bros. Attacks, special moves that can only be performed when Mario and Luigi are together are in battle. These attacks use BP (Bros. Points). There are 16 Bros. Attacks to learn in the game, and each one can be used to lay down the pain on baddies.

Check out the Bros. doing their thing!

When bad guys attack, the Bros. attack back!

Mario or Luigi can use Jump or Hammer to dodge attacks, deal counter damage, or even stop enemies in their tracks!

Bros. Actions

As Mario and Luigi travel through the Beanbean Kingdom, they’ll need to work together to solve puzzles. You need to control Mario and Luigi at the same time, which adds to the challenge. Bros. Actions can be used in different ways to help move the saga forward.

You can use the touch screen to select different Bros. Actions in this version of the game. Nice!

Defeat enemies with cunning strategy and expert timing

In the all-new Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser adventure, what you do before the battle is as important as what you do during the battle. Stack your squad’s strengths against your enemy’s weaknesses to help shift the tide to the Minion side.

Customize your squad the Captain Goomba way!

Each minion in your squad has a color-based attack type. Squad level is determined by combining then averaging individual levels.

Choose from Melee (red), Ranged (orange), and Flying (blue) minion types, each with strengths and weaknesses. Refer to the Power Triangle keeps track of who holds power over whom.

Infiltrate the enemy’s ranks with a sneak peek at their attack types and squad level. Information like that can help you choose the right minions for your own squad!

Each side’s squad members will attack automatically, giving you a chance to focus on commands.


These randomly activated moves are indicated by ! above a squad member’s head. Press the A Button at the right time to do special attacks like dealing extra damage and increasing evasion.

Keep your minions’ spirits high so they can pull off their special skills faster.

Recruiting minions

A Minion army is nothing without minions, so you’ll need to recruit characters to help find Bowser. Earn more than 50 different types of minions to customize your squad.

Defeat Minions in battle, and they might join your army!

Advanced strategy

As captain of Bowser’s army, you have lots of options when it comes to building up your squad and boosting your troops’ strength.