Princess Peach is…speechless

Can you solve the mystery?

What we know:

An enemy has invaded the Mushroom Kingdom…and for once, it’s not Bowser.

What else we know:

The evil Cackletta and her henchman Fawful are at fawlt (hee hee!).

What we don’t know:

Why did they steal Princess Peach’s voice and replace it with explosives?

Can you recruit enough minions to rescue Bowser?

Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser is a behind-the-scenes adventure which unfolds alongside the Superstar Saga story. Bowser’s army has been scattered across the Beanbean Kingdom, his Koopalings have been brainwashed, and Bowser himself is nowhere to be found!

Goomba gumption

Take on the role of Captain Goomba and lead your troops into battle. You can even unlock other captains as you play!

How to Battle

The gang’s
all here

Take a look
Keep an eye out for hilarious cameo appearances from characters from other Mario & Luigi series games!